Vehicle Details

Suzumar DS360AL

1.640,00€z DDV
  • Make Suzumar
  • Full Lenght (m) 03.56
  • Width (m) 1.73
  • Weight without motor (kg) 68
  • Max motor power (KM) 15
  • Capacity (persons) 5
  •  Vehicle Overview

Suzumar DS360AL, DS390AL and DS420AL are true touring boats - exciting and fast.
Their spacious and comfortable design makes them ideal for longer
trips and greater speeds alike. As with all SUZUMAR inflatable boats,
these also have three separate air chambers and an inflatable keel
to ensure greater safety.
All models come equipped with a high-durability transom face
plate. They come with D rings for mooring and transom eyebolts on
the face plate, D rings for lifting at the nose, all-around rope grab
handles on the hull, thwart seats and oars, carrying bag, repair kit,
foot pump and morring rope.

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