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Podatki o plovilu

Dolžina preko vsega: 13,43 m
Dolžina trupa: 12,52 m
Širina: 4,20 m
Tip motorja: 2x Yanmar 8LV320
Gorivo: 1170 L
Voda: 400 L
Kabine: 3
Ležišča: 6

Opis plovila

A generous passagemaker, the Swift Trawler 41 successfully renews the spirit and style of the trawler range. Ample living space, comfortable and practical, this new innovative 40-foot powerboat, available in both Fly and Sedan versions, has an on-board capacity of up to 7 passengers. What an accomplishment!

New: Seanapps onboard

The mobile app Seanapps and its onboard smart box on the Swift Trawler 41 lets you track your boat’s condition, plan maintenance operations and access the integrated maintenance logbook 24/24.

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