Suzuki DF115-14BG

Suzuki Unveils New DF115BG/140BG Outboards

Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled new DF115BG/140BG outboards, the first 4-stroke 115/140 horsepower outboards in the world* to offer drive-by-wire throttle and shift.

While 115/140 horsepower outboards are mainly installed on mid-sized pleasure boats, there are rising needs of customers who wish to have the same advanced technologies of high-power outboards installed on large-sized boats.
Hence, the DF115BG/140BG have adopted the drive-by-wire throttle and shift control technology called the Suzuki Precision Control, which are installed on Suzuki’s large-sized outboards ranging from 150 to 350 horsepower. This control system replaces the conventional mechanical cable with electrical wires to realize smooth and secure shifting as well as swift and precise throttle control. Combined with Lean Burn Control System, their fuel efficiency has been enhanced in a wide range of speeds. They have also realized more pleasant boating experience with enhanced silence through suppressing the intake sound by adopting silencers.

DF115BG/140BG will be produced at the Kosai Plant in Japan from October 2020 and launched globally in areas including North America, Europe, and Japan.

<Main Features of DF115BG/140BG>

  • – First 4-stroke 115/140 horsepower outboards in the world* to offer drive-by-wire throttle and shift system called the Suzuki Precision Control.
  • – Upgraded compression ratio from tried and tested 2,045cm3 four-cylinder 4-stroke engine of DF115A/140A series to realize enhanced output characteristic and fuel efficiency.
  • – Redesigned cowling design which incorporates new air intake structure with enhanced intake performance.
  • – Oil filter position has been reviewed, which makes it possible to replace the oil filter simply by removing the upper engine cover for easier maintenance.

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